Movie & TV Production Design

As Shakespeare truly said “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. But have you ever given a thought who is the one who erects the stage for the play? Here comes the Art Director one such player who put up the “stage” ready either by replicating the real life scenes or by his newest creations for the rest of the players to play. In simple terms Art direction is largely responsible for the entire visual look of a film. He has to work closely with the Director and DOP to understand the requirements and the overall feel of the film.


Art direction combines art and design to evoke a cultural and emotional reaction. It influences movies, music, websites, magazines—just about anything we interact with. Without art direction, we’re left with dry, sterile experiences that are easily forgotten. Can a New York subway ad about the homeless provoke you to donate money? Why do you want to beg Clarice Starling to turn around, even though you know she can’t hear you? How do candles transform a regular meal into a romantic evening? Art direction is about evoking the right emotion, it’s about creating that connection to what you’re seeing and experiencing. 

Art Directors/Production Designers are the visual artists and storytellers, who, in consultation primarily with the director, create and develop the overall look, atmosphere and emotion that move the story. They do this through the conception and creation of stage sets and the selection and alteration of practical locations and backgrounds. Art Directors / Production Designers also collaborate with the visual effects team and provide the designs necessary to maintain a coherent blend between the look of the production, cinematography and the post-production visual effects footage. 

A Production Designer / Art Director has knowledge of architecture of all periods and nationalities. He is an inventor, a designer of ships, an interior designer, a cartoonist, a costumier, a painter, a dramatist. Art Director plays one of the major roles in a movie. He is the person who turns the MAKE BELIEVE into LIFE. Madhu Rebba Design Pvt.Ltd., provides Art Direction / Production Design services for a range of exclusive international clients. 


Madhu Rebba Design Pvt.Ltd., undertakes the overall look of films and television programs, thus fully comprehending “design” as an essential part of film making. Working directly with the director, producer and cinematographer we form an integral unit with them thus enhancing the process of visual story telling.


We excel in providing creative design support to any film or television project. Art Direction / Production Design is our prime area of work. In the film and television world, we work in conjunction with the Producers, Directors and Cinematographers to establish an overall look and style for the project. From the sets and locations, to the design of the costumes and everything in between, our job is to give aesthetic life to your project. We undertake and successfully deliver complicated shoots in the most challenging of locations with extremely demanding climatic conditions. Our team has a wide range of work experience on Feature Films and Television. 


At Madhu Rebba Design Pvt.Ltd., we take in charge of the overall visual appearance and how a project communicates visually. We make decisions about visual elements and artistic style. We translate desired moods, messages, concepts and underdeveloped ideas into imagery.


**The terms "Art Director" and "Art Direction" are titles often used interchangeably with "Production Designer" and "Production Design".